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Beginning DirectX 11 Game Programming

by Wendy Jones and Allen Sherrod


Discover the latest and most popular technology for creating next-generation 3D games: DirectX 11!

Beginning DirectX 11 Game Programming is an introductory guide to learning the basics of DirectX 11 that will help get you started on the path to 3D video game programming and development. Written specifically for the beginner programmer, this book uses step-by-step instructions to teach the basics of DirectX 11 and introduces skills that can be applied to creating games for PCs and game console platforms such as the Xbox 360. Updated for all the newest DirectX 11 technology, this book includes coverage of improved professional coding practices, an overview of the latest DirectX components and tools, sprites, text and font rendering, 3D model rendering, cameras, audio, shaders and effects, and much more.

By the time you reach the end of this book, you will have had enough experience with DirectX 11 that you should be able to explore making simple video games and demos. From there, you can progress toward making more complex games and demos until you find yourself able to complete and release your own PC or console games.

With Beginning DirectX 11 Game Programming, you’ll get:
- Coverage of all the newest DirectX 11 tools and technology
- Sample source code and bonus content from the book’s companion website
- Easy-to-follow tutorials that help you get going quickly with DirectX 11
- End-of-chapter Q/As and exercises that reinforce learning
- More than just the “how” behind the concepts, but also the “why”

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 - The What, Why, and How of DirectX
Chapter 2 - Your First DirectX Program
Chapter 3 - 2D Rendering
Chapter 4 - Text and Font Rendering
Chapter 5 - Input Detection and Response
Chapter 6 - 3D Primer
Chapter 7 - Shaders and Effects
Chapter 8 - Cameras and Models in Direct3D
Chapter 9 - Conclusions (Web Download)
Appendix A - Chapter Questions (Web Download)
Appendix B - Audio in DirectX (Web Download)


On Page 51 there is a typo, it should be "ID3D11DeviceContext" instead of "ID3D11Context".

On Page 54 there is another typo, it should be "OMSetRenderTargets" instead of "OMSetRenderTarget".

On Page 118 it should read "A 1D texture uses a single value for its texture coordinate..." instead of "A 2D texture uses a single value for its texture coordinate...".

Downloads & Extra Content

Chapter 9: Conclusions (.PDF)

Chapter 9 - Conclusions as a PDF download.

Answers to Chapter Questions (.PDF)

Appendix A - Answers to all chapter questions.

Audio in DirectX (.PDF)

An entire chapter on audio in DirectX available as web content.

Chapter Code (.zip)

All sample code and color figures for the book.

Intro to Game Programming

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Intro to Game Engines

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Game Editor Programming

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